Downtown during Spring Break for a friend's birthday

Downtown during Spring Break for a friend’s birthday

February 1st rolls around and I am officially insured for the first time in eight years.

To say it was a relief is an understatement. However, my relief almost immediately turned to panic. The realities of my procrastination started hitting me and for the first time, I felt genuinely scared and worried that I had waited too long, and I feared the worst.

Everyone told me that I shouldn’t worry and that they were sure that it was nothing. However, they said those things while simultaneously urging me to set up an appointment… so their reassurance didn’t give me the greatest peace of mind. So, again (in true Mandi fashion), I got scared and I hesitated.

I kept making excuses like, “Oh, well I just have a lot of tests this week, so it’s not the best time” or “I just really have to focus on class right now” or “This is just such a crazy semester”.

Every excuse ended in “it’s not a good time”… even though, deep down, I knew there would never be a good time.

Finally, Spring Break rolled around and I knew that there wouldn’t be a better time, so I made an appointment for that Friday… The day before Ivory and my four year anniversary.


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