Christmas in Savannah with Ivory's family

Christmas in Georgia with Ivory’s family

After talking to my parents and Ivory, I decided that the smartest move to make was to hold off on doing any kind of testing, strictly for financial reasons. “Obamacare” was starting up soon and it just seemed smart to wait for that to go into effect because at this point, I knew that this wasn’t going to be a simple, one-and-done thing. I knew there would be tests and scans and biopsies and surgeries involved.

However, at no point did I think it would be cancer. None of us did. I think it was in the back of everyone’s mind, but it seemed so impossible and far-fetched that we didn’t allow ourselves to think of that possibility. We did, however, know that the doctors would want/have to do testing to rule out that answer.

(Some people may be wondering why I didn’t turn to my parents for help, but the truth is that I’m a little stubborn, so I wanted to handle this on my own, like a real-life grown-up would. Also, my mom was going through her own medical issues at the time and I couldn’t bear the thought of financially burdening them even further.)

So, I sucked it up and I waited.

Although it was difficult at first and I thought of my little lump often, I eventually became immersed in classes and forgot all about it… Until, mid-January.

That was when I started noticing some real changes. My once barely noticeable lump had grown quite large and I started noticing that the my skin around that area was becoming puckered and turning a slightly different color. Still, I didn’t freak out (well… I only freaked out a little bit). As soon as I noticed it, I signed up for health insurance through The Marketplace and waited until it went into effect (another two weeks from that point).



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