//wedding fun

This past weekend my cousin got married and it was truly one of the most beautiful weddings I’ve ever been to, Since pictures are more fun, here’s a picture run-down of how I spent my weekend.

Side note: There are way too many group selfies, but oh well.

//FRIDAY: Rehearsal Dinner at Iron Cactus

Ivory and I have this long standing joke of taking pictures looking really bored while doing really fun things. I think this is the best one we’ve ever done.

afterlight (1)

Because taking stupid pictures is way more fun than taking smiling pictures

(like this one)

My mom and dad being adorable.


//Saturday: Wedding Day! Ceremony at Hyde Park Baptist Church, Reception at Bob Bullock Texas History Museum

Me and my sister before the wedding (isn’t she the prettiest?)

My Nana

Not the best picture, but this church was to die for.


I mean, seriously. It was gorgeous.

And my cousin? No bride has ever been so beautiful.

Don’t even get me started on the food… There aren’t enough words to describe how perfect it was.

More group selfies…. whoops.

I love him so much.

Again, in all their cuteness.

This is my cousin’s cousin (from her dad’s side). I haven’t seen her in about 5 years, but I was so happy that she remembered me. Saturday also happened to be her 14th birthday, so we had to commemorate it with a photo. (She also happens to be a phenomenal dance partner. We even had our own little Robot dance-off, It was everything perfect.)

Photo booths should be mandatory at all weddings.

The newlyweds left under a waterfall of sparklers. (Also, they had breakfast tacos that everyone could take home at the end of the night…  that in itself made it the best wedding ever.)

All in all, it was perfect. Partially because it was genuinely fun, and partially because it was exactly what I needed to get my mind of of my off of everything. To celebrate with family by laughing, dancing, and being merry was the best gift.

Congrats Nikki and Justin! I love y’all and  wish you every happiness.

(I’ll write later about my first chemo session, but for now I’m very sleepy, so I’m calling it a night)


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